General Information
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General Information


Unless otherwise noted, all groups meet and end up at the Grass Valley location. All group tours and lessons require a minimum of three participants. All whitewater and ocean instruction is limited to a maximum of eight. All touring instruction is limited to a maximum of twelve. Lake tours can handle up to 24. Due to the nature of their classrooms on the river or the mountain, we cannot always guarantee a punctual return. Be aware that the day may run late!

What to Bring:

For most day trips, they ask that you bring your own water, lunch, and personal gear. For the multi-day excursions, a detailed equipment list will be provided. Wolf Creek provides all necessary boating equipment and accessories. Quoted prices for all whitewater and touring trips (not classes) are based on the use of gear selected from our extensive demo collection. If you intend to paddle your own boat, a discount of $10 per day will be deducted.


Cancellations prior to 48 hours before an event will be charged a 25% processing fee. NO REFUND will be issued for any cancellation within 48 hours of a scheduled event. It occasionally becomes necessary for Wolf Creek to cancel a trip due to inclement weather, excessively high or low water, excessively high seas, or any other conditions beyond their control that may cause a trip to be unsafe. In this scenario, they will make every effort to re-schedule you to the next session or a similar trip. If circumstances prohibit rescheduling, Wolf Creek Wilderness will issue a full refund.

Personal Responsibility:

Paddling and skiing are fun and rewarding experiences. As with all sports and outdoor activities, a certain element of risk is involved. You will be required to sign a “liability release” which outlines these potential risks prior to participation in any class or trip or to rent any equipment. Your signature on the form declares your willingness to accept personal responsibility for any risks involved in your participation. Any person under 18 years of age and not accompanied by her/his parent or legal guardian is required to bring an original parent/guardian signed form prior to participation.