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Kayak Touring Lessons & Tours

Every 1st and 3rd
of each month

April -

Kayak Roll Session 

Strongly urged for all up and coming whitewater boaters as well ocean kayakers. This class develops a strong skill foundation for developing a roll and thus much higher confidence on the river and in the ocean. Held in the heated pool of The South Yuba Club, novices and experienced kayakers welcome. Student to instructor ratio, 2:1. Minimum required - 2 students. 6:15pm to 8:45pm. $55 first time or $40 refresher

April 5


July 12

Aug 2

Sep 13

Monthly Demos at Scotts Flat Lake

Once each month Wolf Creek will be heading up to Scotts Flat lake with a trailer load of kayaks for a casual few hours of test paddling kayaks. If you are kayak shopping this is an opportunity to try several kayaks right from the same beach. Your fee will be applied toward the purchase of your kayak. Pre-registration is required. Meet at Scotts Flat Lake Day Use Area at 10am to 2pm. $25 Adults, $10 Kids.

May 13

May 27

June 10

June 24

July 8

July 22

Aug 12

Aug 26

Wednesday Evening Clinic
at Scotts Flat Lake

These are a series of 2 hour skill specific clinics designed for kayakers that have already completed basic training. Here is a chance to brush up on skills such as forward stroke, bracing, and capsize recovery. Perfect way to go if you have an ocean trip coming up or just need to polish the rusty strokes. Minimum of 3 required. $45 or $60 including kayak rental. Meet at 5:30 at Scotts Flat Lake Day use area.

April 18

March 16

March 30

June 13

July 18


Beginning Touring

This is a perfect introduction to flat water paddling (and beyond). Wolf Creek instructors will guide you through all the skills and safety concerns for helping you become proficient at recreational kayaking. After a brief orientation to kayak design and features, they demonstrate a few launching techniques, and offer a complete overview of basic strokes. This is followed by a leisurely tour. Student to instructor ratio, 6:1. Minimum required - 4 students. Meet at the shop at 9am, travel to Scotts Flat or Lake Valley reservoir, back by 2pm. $65

April 19

May 17, 31

June 14, 28

July 19

Aug 9, 30


Intermediate Touring

A full day of paddling which includes a thorough review of all the basic strokes, as well as an introduction to more advanced techniques, including bracing and edging for more control and maneuverability. This course serves as a prerequisite for the Surf Zone Clinic and Mendocino Sea Caves tour as well as the Open Bay Adventure Day. With this said, practice of various capsize re-entry methods are stressed. Beginners with lofty goals are welcome! Student to instructor ratio, 4:1. Minimum required - 3 students. Meet at the shop at 9am, back by 5 pm. $95

July 11

Open Bay 
Adventure Day

This course will provide a sound experience kayaking in marine waterways. The San Francisco Bay offers all the excitement and challenges expected in tidal waters. We will paddle from Dunphy park in Sausalito, cross Racoon Strait to Angel Island and return to Dunphy Park. Their objectives will be to understand the forces of tidal currents and how to deal with tide rips, eddylines, and crossing swift currents. Learn to stay on course with setting ferry angles, and using ranges. Chart reading, navigation, and marine traffic hazards will also be covered. Experience the Bay like you never before have. Student to instructor ratio, 3:1. Minimum required - 4 students. Prerequisite - Intermediate Touring with some distance paddling experience. Meet at Dunphy Park, 9am to 4:30 pm. $125

Aug 15

Aug 16

Surf Zone Clinic

A half day seminar essential for those wishing to venture into the open ocean and experience the thrill of coastal kayaking. Launching, landing, and bracing in breaking waves, wave dynamics, and open water fundamentals are all covered. This exciting adventure will be followed up by an exploration of Mendocino Bay and/or the Big River Estuary.

Mendocino Sea Caves

World class sea caves, arches, and rock gardens. A breathtaking taste of the sea, shared with harbor seals, shorebirds, and an occasional otter. If conditions allow, they will venture beyond the surf zone to the open ocean. Prerequisite - Intermediate Touring. Camping fees and breakfast included. $250 (camping fees & breakfast included)

June 21

Father's Day Kayak Festival

10am to 4pm 

Pre-registration with payment is required. This event will sell out so please call well in advance.

If you are new or old to the sport, and looking for a new kayak, make sure you don’t miss this event. You will have a chance to test paddle all the models of rec and touring kayaks they stock. Manufacturer reps will be on hand to further enhance your experience. Throughout the day there will be mini-clincs offered for skill specific topics such as forward stroke, bracing, edging your kayak, launching, landing and re-entry techniques.

Wolf Creek will also have fun races including a junior regatta and an adult sprint race. To cap off the day they look forward to a raffle with some great prizes for your gear closet. Pre-registration will be required so please call in advance. Fees will be $25 per adult and $10 per child (17 & younger). The fees will include all kayak demos and skill clinics and will fully apply to the purchase of your new kayak. Make it a date, see you there!


Custom Programs

If Wolf Creek's regular schedule conflicts with yours, give them a call. They will be happy to customize any trip or instructional package to meet your needs. Corporate outings, birthdays, family reunions, team building, school trips - small groups or large. All chartered trips qualify for group discounts.